Quote1.png Is there any way I can bust loose from this hombre-- Or will he stick me in the pokey till I'm ready fer Boot Hill? Only one way to find out, folks-- Tune in tomorrow night at nine-- Same Terra-time... Same Terra-channel! Quote2.png
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Tobias "Toby" Manning is the Terra Man, a cowboy outlaw brought to the future. With advanced weaponry, he became an enemy of Superman.

Manning was born in the American West in 1878, the son of outlaw Jess Manning, who intended to raise Toby as a desperado like himself.

When Toby was ten, and had just carried out his first solo hold up while his father recuperated from a bullet wound, an alien called the Collector arrived and attempted to steal the loot, a box of gold coins. Jess Manning fired on the creature, which retaliated by blasting him with a solar ray. Learning of the fatally wounded Manning's plans for his son via a telepathic link, the Collector decided to raise the boy himself in the way his father would have wanted.

He wiped Toby's memory of his father's death, then took him into space, surgically altering him to be able to survive in almost any environment and teaching him to handle a variety of futuristic weapons, which Toby adapted into the forms of the 19th Century Earth weapons he was used to. The Collector also gave Toby an Argivian winged horse named Nova which became his steed.

Toby, now calling himself Terra-Man after his planet of origin, traveled with the Collector for years, stealing for him as he had for his real father, but eventually his memories returned and he murdered the Collector to avenge his father. Terra-Man returned to earth, only to discover that traveling at faster than light speeds had retarded his aging and that over a century had passed on the planet of his birth while he himself was still a comparatively young man. Still patterning himself on an old West outlaw, he continued his criminal career on Earth, continually clashing with Superman and also on one occasion with the Blue Devil.


  • Altered Physiology: Toby's physiology has been altered past that of a normal human being. This doesn't afford him superhuman abilities but further enhances his original body's functions. His body was also enhanced by chemicals and alien hardware.



Terra-Man uses various alien gadgets with western motifs, as energy leaching tumbleweed, energy lasso and a chewing tobaco which can age Superman.


  • Nova: Arguvian Space Steed.


  • Six Shooters: Six Shooters modified to fire tracer bullets and other specialized applications; some of these bullets were made of Kryptonite on at least one occasion.

  • This version of Terra-Man, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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