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Tobias Manning, alias Terra-Man, was an eco-terrorist enemy of Superman.


Tobias Manning was a businessman who grew a conscience about the damage he was causing to the Earth's environment. He decided to save Earth and attacked enterprises that were dangerous to the environment. His weapons focused mainly on turning the environment against his opponents (ie: plants and the earth element). Like his modus operandi, his new background was ecological, and because of that he calls himself the Terra-Man. He referred to his gang of hired henchmen as the Terra Men.

Infinite Crisis

During the events of Infinite Crisis, Terra-Man became a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains III.


Three weeks and a day after the end of Infinite Crisis, Terra-Man is still up to no good. He hijacks Ferris Air Flight 456 over the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and Power Girl gives chase until they reach the nation of Khandaq. Terra-Man then escapes capture thanks to Black Adam, who forbids Power Girl from entering Khandaq's airspace. Later, Terra-Man appears to ally himself with Black Adam. However, when Black Adam later appears to address the media in front of Khandaq's embassy in New York City, he suddenly rips Terra-Man in half at his pelvis, killing him.[1]

Blackest Night

During Blackest Night, Terra-Man is resurrected as a zombified member of the Black Lantern Corps with a power ring. His body is stored in the Justice League Morgue, and he bursts out of it along with all of the other supervillains into the Hall of Justice.[2]



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