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Tobias Whale was the leader of The 100 and the arch nemesis of Black Lightning.

Tobias Whale ruled over the city of Freeland with an iron fist until he murdered journalist Alvin Pierce. Alvin's son Jefferson swore vengeance, and after developing electrical powers, adopted the name Black Lightning and attempted to break Whale's hold on Freeland.

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  • Unique Physiology: Through the usage of an anti-aging serum, Tobias's DNA and cells are augmented, pushing his physical parameters well-beyond normal humans.
    • Decelerated Aging: The serum granted Tobias lifespan that seemingly never ends nor causes him to show any signs of physically aging. While in his physical prime thirty years ago, he remains looking exactly the same while likewise retains the same health and vitality.
    • Superhuman Strength: Another benefit of the serum is granting Tobias a tremendous boost in raw strength, which from regular usage will gradually increase. After thirty years of regular dosages, according to Gambi, Tobias has gained the strength of at least three men, although he actually displayed much greater strength.With said strength, it enables him to strangle and lift into the air a full-grown man with a single hand,as well as snap and break a man's back from the sheer pressure of his hug.
    • Superhuman Durability: The serum also imbues Tobias with considerably inhuman durability and endurance, enough for him to withstand most blows from other physically augmented foes with little to no damage or discomfort. His serum was change also to render him immune to Black Lightning's electric attacks.
  • Invisibility: Tobias was able to turn invisible for an hour After taking Lynn Stewart's meta booster serum. (Formerly)


  • Intimidation: Tobias keeps The 100 under his control just with the fear.[3]
  • Martial Arts[4]
  • Firearms: Tobias is a very skilled shooter, shooting Lala from a distance with a harpoon, as well as shoot Fowler in the stomach
  • Leadership: Tobias has led The 100 for a number of years. In addition, he was able to assume the mayoral seat, effectively allowing him to run Freeland.[2]
  • Political Science: Tobias Whale was able to became a city councilman of Freeland until reporter Alvin Pierce exposed him. Decades later, he worked his way up to becoming mayor after secretly orchestrating the murder of his predecessor, Billy Black.[2]


  • Vulnerability to Sunlight: Due to his albinism, Tobias' skin is severely lacking in melanin, to the extent that concentrated UV radiation burns him in one minute as it would a normal person in one hour.
  • Serum withdrawal: Beneficial as the serum is, its effects wear off after a certain period of time, requiring Tobias to take more of it regularly. Without the serum for long enough, Tobias' body will revert to its natural age and health. Even more, the sudden withdrawal will ravage his body, leaving him sickly. At the same time, sudden exposure to the serum will instantly restore him to his physical peak.


  • Harpoon Gun

  • Tobias was born on April 20, 1946.[5]



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