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Todd Klein (b. January 28, 1951) is a writer.

Personal History

Klein attended both New York's School of Visual Arts and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Professional History

Klein came into comics in the 1977 as a staff production worker. In his first job he had to do some minor lettering as well as typing on the cover page and inner wording of comics, a general letterer assistant. He's worked on series such as Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Ronin, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, and many many others. He's won awards and has become one of the most renowned letterers and writers DC has to offer. He's worked on a few Marvel and Image titles doing freelance lettering here and there as well as his own titles. But his loyalties lie in DC History such as his work on the Omega Men and Testament.

Work History


  • Although most know him as a letterer (he has stocked over 100 unique, original fonts), he's also a very well known writer.==Trivia==
  • He's one many awards some of which are the Eisner Award and Harvey Award.
  • He's also written many books such as, "How I began", and "A Man of Letters."

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