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Todd Orange is an Agent from the United States Department of Agriculture, even though he hates plants, mostly due to the fact that he can't raise them properly and they die. He finds his work boring, and always wanted to be an agent from the secret service, to have an actual impact on society. He is partnered with Agent Kilroy.[2]

His partner noticed in a security camera how Tefé Holland attacked a man for selling flowers, so she convinced him to search for Tefé with her, before any other service tried. Orange had reserves, as all services were warned of going after any elemental creature after encountering years prior Jason Woodrue and Black Orchid. Nevertheless, Kilroy wanted to get close to Tefé, to see if she was a threat to the country, or not, and taking measures if she was, instead of just cut her head in sight, as the Defense Department Intelligence would do.


  • Agent Orange describes himself as gay.[1]



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