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Todd Rice was a member of the Justice Society of America.

Society Justice of America

By WWII, Todd was a member of the Justice Society of America, under the name "Obsidian". During this period, Todd grew extremely close to fellow member, Amaya Jiwe (Vixen). When Amaya vanished in 1942, Todd felt hurt and abandoned.

In 1956, the rest of the team were seemingly killed on a mission. Obsidian had been excluded from the mission, as their superiors viewed him as "untrustworthy", due to his sexual orientation. Afterwards, Todd spent years alone, before meeting a man he fell in love with.


In 1987, while visiting the old JSA training facility, Todd came across Nate Heywood and his former teammate, Vixen. Enraged, he attacked them and asked Amaya why she had abandoned them. Heywood knocked him out and Todd calmed down, when he woke up and had everything explained to him.

Later, he teamed up with Amaya and the Legends to combat Damien Darhk. During the battle, Obsidian took a bullet for Amaya, but was later healed by the Waverider. He declined the offer to join them, feeling that his fighting days were over.




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