Todd Rice was imprisoned at Arkham Base alongside Henry King, Jr., Jonni Thunder and Jeremy Karn. They were released by John Constantine (Prime Earth) in order to help him return to his Earth.[1] Before the group depart Jeremy Karn expresses that he will not work with Todd as he is black leading Constantine to shoot Karn before they all leave.

The group then arrive at the Chicago World Army refugee stronghold whereupon they witness Barbara Grayson's death and the group slaughter the men and board the train.[2] Upon their arrival at Atom's Haven Brainwave tells Todd and Jonni of his plan to entrap the minds of the refugee-seekers to better enable their transition into the space ship he had acquired and they agree to assist him with this. Grayson and Ted Grant identifies Rice in a crowd and the three begin to fight until Jonni stops them, saying that it's only fair to let him know and the two inform Grayson and Grant of Brainwave's plan.[3]

Obsidian tells the two to follow him through the tunnels to find King, Jr. but Brainwave takes control of Jonni's and his minds leaving them powerless to stop Brainwave from nearly killing Grayson until Batman and Huntress render him unconscious and free their minds.[4]




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