Quote1.png Dark things cannot stand the light, and I've always been a creature of the dark. It took a lot to let go, to accept that I would never be a beacon of light like my father or sister. I would be something else. It took even more to accept who I was, and how much of my true self I had tied to the darkness I was trying to suppress. Quote2.png
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Todd Rice is a Justice Society of America's and Infinity, Inc.'s member known as Obsidian.

Todd Rice was supposed to exist on Prime Earth but his existence was erased after Doctor Manhattan prevented Alan Scott from becoming the Green Lantern and, as a consequence, his death prevented the creation of the Justice Society of America and Todd's birth.[2]

Later, Doctor Manhattan undid his actions and allowed Alan Scott to become once again the Green Lantern and form the Justice Society. Todd Rice was brought back to life and, as the superhero known as Obsidian, was part of the Justice Society that helped Superman defeat the metahumans who were ravaging Washington, D.C..[3]

When Alan Scott was called to be the sentinel overlooking the Totality ship of their world, he needed to have a frank conversation with his twin children before he left, revealing that he is gay as is Todd. Todd and Jennie-Lynn accepted their father's truth, supporting him unconditionally.[1]




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