Tom Hawk was a frontiersman and soldier in the 18th Century.

Tom "Tomahawk" Hawk served his country since before it even was a country. During the French and Indian Wars he served in Pennsylvania and New York, under Lieutenant George Washington. During the Revolutionary War, he did so again, roving across most of the American Colonies plus Ontario and Quebec. Hawk was one of Washington's most capable operatives, leading a band of soldiers under the informal nickname of "Tomahawk's Rangers". During this period, Hawk encountered many adversaries, most notably the British nobleman and spy Gerald Shilling.[1]

During the Revolutionary War, Tomahawk had many odd experiences. These include his encounters with: a Giant Frankenstein Monster,[2] a Giant Gorilla, named King Colosso, thrice,[3][4][5] a Giant Alien Indian Chief,[6] a Giant Iron Indian Chief,[7] a Giant Iron-Handed Indian Chief,[8] a Giant Indian Warrior,[9] a Giant Indian Warrior Devil,[10] a Giant Golden Indian Warrior,[11] a Giant Petrified Indian Warrior,[12] a Giant Animated Water Indian Warrior,[13] a Bug-eyed Giant Lizard,[14] a Giant Lizard,[15] a Giant Lizard or Salamander,[16] a Giant Lizard Prehistoric Dinosaur,[17] another Giant Lizard Prehistoric Dinosaur,[18] a Giant Lizard Water Demon,[19] a Giant Lizard Sea Monster,[20] a Giant Stegosaurus Dinosaur,[21] some Invisible Indian Warriors,[22] a Lost Tribe of Caveman Indians,[23] a Lost Tribe of Giant Indians,[24] a Lost Tribe of Miniature Indians,[25] a Lost Tribe of Undersea Indians,[26] a Lost Tribe of White Indians, with Dinosaurs.[27] Tomahawk himself has been transfored, in one adventure, into a Giant Tree Man,[28] and in another episode, into a Giant Flaming Man.[29]

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Iroquois-style Tomahawk

  • This version of Tomahawk, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • The designation of Tomahawk as an Earth-Two character in the pre-Crisis multiverse is somewhat arbitrary. His stories straddled the Earth-Two and Earth-One eras, and his interactions with characters whose native "Earth"s are known, are not conclusive.
    • In All-Star Squadron #45, Liberty Belle (in 1942) had dreams about Tomahawk and Miss Liberty in 1776 on Earth-Two. She did research and discovered that Tomahawk and Miss Liberty were real historical figures and the events she saw in her dream were apparently accurate. Liberty Belle eventually came to believe that she was a descendant of Miss Liberty.
    • In Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47, the Earth-One Superman (in 1976) used his Time Projector to research Tomahawk and view some incidents from his life. There is no indication that Superman was not viewing the past of Earth-One.
    • In Justice League of America #159, the Lord of Time brought heroes from the past (including Miss Liberty) into 1978 on Earth-One as part of a complicated plan to manipulate the cosmic balance between Earth-One and Earth-Two. The past heroes, therefore, could be from Earth-One or Earth-Two and the story doesn't tell us who is from where.
    • In Firestorm (Volume 2) #42, during the chaos of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Firehawk and Wonder Girl of 1985 Earth-One were thrown back in time to 1776, where they met Tomahawk and Dan Hunter. It appears that they only traveled in time and were still on Earth-One, but it was during the Crisis, so who knows.
    • In All-Star Squadron #54, Harbinger brought various heroes from the past (including Miss Liberty) to 1985's Earth-Two to protect Cape Canaveral. However, the group contained heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two, and so does not help us determine where Miss Liberty is from.
  • So the decision comes down to All-Star Squadron #45 vs. Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47, and here at the DC Comics Database we chose to go with the former.
    • There may have been Tomahawks on each Earth who had more-or-less identical adventures.



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