In the 1930s, Tom Sharp was a bored American mail pilot who enlisted in the flying forces of the Orient, then in the Spanish Air Force, and finally in the French Flying Corps. By 1940 he was a captain, having aerial shoot-outs with the Sermian Air Force, over the Western Front of France, and had picked up the nickname of War Bird.

In 1940, the War Bird was instrumental in thwarting the attempted Sermian invasion of Belravia,[1] after which time there were no further reports of any Sermian aggression.



Both French and Sermian aircraft were of no recognizable manufacturer or model, and neither bore any national markings. In the early episodes, most of the planes on both sides had open cockpits, and many of them had fixed landing gear. In later episodes, the warplanes began to look more normal.

  • Captain Sharp had two persistent enemies in the Sermian Air Force, Baron Bruht and Captain Manfred, both of whom wore monocles and were relatives.



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