"How Tom Strong Got Started": This story is reprinted from Tom Strong #1.

Tom Strong Special Edition #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of July, 2009.

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Synopsis for "How Tom Strong Got Started"

This story is reprinted from Tom Strong #1.

Timmy Turbo is a young boy from a futuristic city (Millennium City) who is a very big fan of Tom Strong. During his commute to school via cable car, Timmy reads from a Tom Strong magazine outlining the hero's origins. But while he reads, and unbeknownst to Timmy, Strong foils an attempted raid on the car by carried out by Blimp Bandits. When the two meet face-to-face following the incident, Timmy can hardly believe it.

The following story of Tom Strong's early life was told within Timmy's magazine: Strong was born at around the start of the twentieth century to two ingenious inventors (Sinclair and Susan Strong) who set out for a remote island – free from the influences of the outside world – where they could raise their children, as well as conduct their research. This island was called Attabar Teru, and it was home to a mysterious tribe called the Ozu. The chief of the Ozu became very close to Mr. and Mrs. Strong, and after an earthquake killed his parents, Tom was taken in by the tribesmen. Due to his parents earnest efforts since he was born, Tom was endowed with super strength and exceptional intellect. Also, due to his strict diet of a root called Goloka, Tom gained increased longevity. In a few years following the deaths of his parents, Tom was able to implement vast technological advancements to the island's infrastructure, and greatly modernize the Ozu's standard of living. When he reached his early twenties, he and Pneuman – an android created by Sinclair that's had a hand in rasing Tom since he was born – leave the island for the first time and set out for America.

After spending long enough to make a name there, fight crime for a while, as well as battle the likes of Saveen and Ingrid Weiss, Tom decides to return to Attabar Teru so that he can marry Dhalua – the chief's daughter. Very many years later, Tom has reached an age of a little over one hundred years, but due to the effects of the Goloka root, he doesn't look "a day over fifty." Together, Tom, Dhalua, Telsa (Tom and Dhalua's daughter), King Solomon (a vastly intelligent gorilla), and Pneuman, make up the Strongmen of America. King Solomon has been reviewing applications for a new member of the group, and Timmy is ultimately selected.


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