Tomahawk was an Half-Iroquois and half-Shawnee chief who was considered the greatest unsung warrior among the Indian tribes.

He along with Blue Jacket and Tecumseh fought against American encroachment in the aftermath of the American Revolution. After the three chieftains defeated General Arthur St. Clair's forces, this prompted George Washington to ordering General Anthony Wayne to embark on a campaign to wipe out any and all Indian settlements. This resulted in the deaths of Tomahawk's family. An enraged Tomahawk declared an all-out war on the Americans responsible for the massacre, even without requesting aid from the other Indian tribes.

Tomahawk turned to his British allies under the command of Benjamin Gaines in learning information of Anthony Wayne's forces. When he received news of Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet were captured by the Americans, and planned a rescue mission, his British allies turned against him as valued their slow alliance with the Americans over their pre-existing ties to the natives.[1] Tomahawk cut his ties with the British and managed to save Tecumseh and the Prophet. He almost tried to kill the American Colonel Lancaster, the man who led the destruction of Tomahawk's settlement, but only to be interrupted by the British who eventually sided with the Americans.[2] Though Tomahawk was left alive during the conflict, as he and Tecumseh led their respective forces to attack the British who betrayed them and the Americans under Lancaster. Tomahawk cornered and killed Lancaster, and chased down Benjamin Gaines and crippled his spine. With his vengeance fulfilled, Tomahawk was left with the knowledge that the Americans would never stop their plan to eradicate the natives in which he sworn that though he and his people may not win, they would fight to their last breath.[3]




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