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Tomar-Tu was a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Tomar-Tu was among the inhabitants of a city on Xudar that was taken from Sector 2813, and implanted on the surface of Oa by the deranged Guardian Appa Ali Apsa.[1] After the rogue Guardian was defeated, Tomar-Tu became an important ally to John Stewart in uniting the varied cities of what would be known as the Mosaic. Eventually, he was recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Hal Jordan.[2]

Green Lantern Corps

Tomar-Tu trained under Kilowog's instructions, and rapidly got a hang of his powers, although it was hard for him at first.[3] Eventually, all recruits were ready to assume official tasks to expand the Green Lantern Corps and enlist twelve more members.[4]

Emerald Twilight

Tomar-Tu's tenure as Green Lantern didn't last long. After Jordan became possessed by Parallax, Tomar-Tu was one of primary defenders of Oa when Jordan chose to attack the Guardians of the Universe. During that battle he was defeated and left for dead.[5]

Years later, Tomar-Tu crash-landed in the middle of a ceremony honoring Jordan and two other Air Force pilots, Colonel Shane Sellers and Captain Jillian Pearlman. It was discovered by Jordan and Guy Gardner that Tomar had been held captive by the Manhunters (along with Laira Omoto, Kreon, and others), but he had recently escaped, hoping to kill Jordan in revenge.

He was later seen with other Green Lanterns during the battles of the Sinestro Corps War and following that war, had to testify against fellow Green Lantern Laira Omoto after she murdered Amon Sur [6] [7].


  • Xudarian Physiology: Like all Xudarians, Tomar-Tu has avian features, including a beak and small wings pressed flat against his back. He also has pointed ears, and a scalloped fin running laterally across his scalp.






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