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Quote1.png Tom was very grateful for what little help I'd provided. He said if my 'duplicate Earth' was ever in trouble, I shouldn't hesitate to call him. I told him I would. He really is an extraordinary man. Quote2.png
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Tom Strong is a science hero who had a number of adventures across time and space with his family.

Tom Strong was raised using revolutionary scientific and dieting methods, leading him to become a human being in absolute peak physical condition. He spent his childhood on an island called "Attabar Teru," largely inside of a high-gravity chamber, making him much stronger and faster than the average human beings. His parents, scientists, raised him as a child prodigy; this and the frequent ingestion of a special local root have made him nearly perfect in all aspects.[1] Although he was born at the turn of the 20th Century, he continues into the present day around 100 years old, still appearing to be in his forties.

After leaving Attabar Teru, Tom Strong took up residence in Millennium City, an area known for being constantly at the peak of modern technology. He resides there with his wife Dhalua Strong, and his daughter Tesla Strong, both of whom are likewise enhanced, if not to the same degree as himself. His other companions are a personal robot, Pneuman, who was originally built by his father, and Solomon, a talking gorilla.

Tom Strong is a Science Hero, and his greatest nemesis is or was Paul Saveen, a rival scientist who considers himself much more civilized than the island-based Strong. Strong's exploits are published in a comic book that comes with a subscription to his fan club, the Strongmen of America. He is also an active member of the team "America's Best."

Meeting the Terrifics

After discovering the Dark Multiverse, Tom decided to travel to it and fix the worlds that were made of the nightmares of people. Instead he found an ancient world-eating titan, who had been transformed into the undead by the energies of the Dark Multiverse. He paralyzed it by using a device to broadcast a signal that could warn others but had been unable to complete the message he wanted to broadcast.[2]

Metamorpho, Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man who landed in the Dark Multiverse through a portal Simon Stagg had opened, they found Tom's message but also disabled the antenna broadcasting his signal, thus awakening the giant.[3]

Doc Dread who had been scheming against The Terrifics since the beginning, decided to kill Tom to avoid The Terrifics from succeeding in what they were after.[4] Mr. Terrific tracked down Tom's dimension but found Dread had already abducted him.[5]

The Terrifics found Tom soon however due to the tree planted on Pneuman by Dread opening an inter-dimensional portal to the Forest of Eternity. They decided to look for Tom's family and split up, travelling to various dimensions with the help of the trees containing the inter-dimensional portals.[5][6]

While looking for his wife on Earth 0, Mr. Terrific and Tom found that Doc Dread was trying to implicate Mr. Terrific by exploding his lab and destroying part of Gotham City. They however stopped his plan in time with the help of Terrifics and Tom's family, who had found their way to them using the inter-dimensional traveling T-Sphere.[7]

Suspecting Stagg of being Doc Dread, Terrific and others made their way to the Stagg Industries' Campus, but discovered Dread was actually Java. As he escaped, he opened the portal to the Dark Multiverse which allowed the giant Tom had paralyzed earlier into the Multiverse. They however managed to stop him by repairing Tom's antenna.[8]


  • Heavyworlder Physiology: Due to being raised in a high-gravity chamber, Tom's physical prowess was raised to superhuman levels.
    • Superhuman Strength: Being raised at five times the normal gravity of Earth, Tom is far stronger than an ordinary human. Tom is strong enough to lift objects many times his size and tear through steel with his bare hands
    • Superhuman Speed: The enhanced strength of his leg muscles allows Tom to run and jump farther and faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman Durability: Tom's body is much more dense than a normal human's. He once survived an explosion, point-blank.
  • Decelerated Aging: Tom's aging has slowed significantly due to regularly ingesting the Goloka root.




  • Knife
  • Ray Gun

  • Given his less-than-ideal childhood, being treated as little more than a social experiment by his distant father and seeing his parents die in a horrific earthquake that destroyed their home, it's amazing Tom is as well adjusted as he is. Judging from his early social awkwardness, it can be assumed that the Oda tribesmen and his resulting marriage and family life helped him to adjust to life among others.



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