"Tough" Tony Bressi was a mid-level mob boss in Gotham City, with a particularly deep interest in local labor unions.

Bressi outlasted many of his peers in organized crime, maintaining steady operations and high profits well after the debut of Batman. His success caused him to be approached by the criminal "bodyguard" Killer Moth, whom he casually rejected as incompetent.[1] This would begin a brutal war between Bressi and Moth (as well as Moth's confederate Firefly), which only ended after a botched kidnapping of police captain James Gordon and the intervention of Batgirl and Black Canary.[2]

Though several of his holdings were left severely damaged, Bressi was able to avoid any serious charges through his money and connections. In following years, he once again dominated Gotham's organized crime, until his children were kidnapped by underworld newcomer Bane. Desperate to save his only remaining family, Bressi began capitulating to Bane's demands, but was intercepted by a new, more brutal Batman.[3]

Under Batman's violent "persuasion", Bressi agreed to lay a trap for Bane, leading Batman and Robin to the exchange site designated by Bane's men. Though Batman's impatience soon turned the exchange into a deadly firefight, Bressi nonetheless recovered his children with the help of Robin, and was delivered to safety soon afterward.[4]

Ironically, Bressi would meet his end not from any rival crime boss, nor from the increasingly-unhinged and violent Batman, but from Redzone, a mercenary he had personally hired to dispose of the Huntress.[5]



  • Family: Though otherwise a ruthless criminal, Bressi cared deeply for his children, especially as he grew older. Once kidnapped, the children proved an easy method for both Bane and Batman to manipulate Bressi.



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