Originally a video game character created by Amy Winston in the real world, Prince Topaz is one of the many princes in the mystical land of Gemworld.

In reality, Topaz was Winston's ruggedly handsome playable character in her video. After she unsuccessfully fought the main villain, Dark Opal, her character Topaz died in the game. Winston was then sucked into the game via magically means.

Later, Amy Winston, being called Amethyst by the people of this mystical Gemworld, meets her character Topaz who has had his skin burned off from the battle Amy lost with Dark Opal. After the defeat, which was really Amy's fault, Topaz lost all his motivation and fled to the Turquoise Cave. Amy, however, built up his courage and sent Topaz on his way into the vast world. Topaz learned to accept life as a living skeleton.

Once Amethyst had defeated Dark Opal, the Princess had full understanding of her great power. With her power gem, she held her necklace, pointed it at the skeleton Topaz, and transformed him perfectly into his old self. Ecstatic, Topaz held Amethyst shoulder, thanking her for restoring him.



  • Breakable (Formerly): As a skeleton, Topaz was breakable and could easily fall apart.


  • Battle Axe



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