Topo is an anthropomorphic cuttlefish.

His skin is grey with spots, and he has three fingers on each hand. His lower facial features, including mouth, are hidden behind six short tentacles. When Mera, Tempest and Cal Durham need to return to Sub Diego, there is a new hero of the sea known as Topo.

He leads the group to hidden hatches that act as portals. Aquaman soon joins the group and Topo offers to lead them on a trip, but they are surprised by Baron Gargos who was at the behest of the Deep Church to kill them. After the fight with Gargos, they finally reach Sub Diego and notice that the city was dominated by Black Manta, who killed the local police and took Alonzo Malrey hostage to lure Orin.

Realizing that it is not the original Aquaman, Black Manta orders his goons to shoot them all, Topo takes position and squirts ink as a distraction so they have a chance to escape.


  • Unique Physiology: Topo is the result of the most extreme breeding programs that Dyss had in operation before those who fled Dyss founded the city of News. Apparently, Topo has abilities, some not even he knows about yet.[1]
    • Amphibian: Topo breathes underwater.
    • Ink Production: Similar to a squid, Topo can produce ink, from under his face tentacles. Topo sometimes does this involuntarily when scared, but he can also do it at will. He can produce enough to make for a substantial smokescreen-like cover.





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