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Tora Olafsdotter was one of the last survivors of Earth, becoming an Ice Goddess.

Tora Olafsdotter was the superheroine Ice who followed the same history as her mainstream counterpart from life to death, in which her spirit was mistakenly condemned to Hell, which in fact was intended for her dearest friend Beatriz da Costa, aka Fire. The Super Buddies, including Fire, found themselves in Hell and managed to free Tora but at the cost of Beatriz correcting that error by trading her soul for Tora's. Tora spent years approaching to mystics and gods desperately trying to get Beatriz back, but proven fruitless. Believing that the world and her friends had turned their backs on her and tormented by the loss of Beatriz, Tora exiled herself by hiding away in a palace of ice, far beneath the earth and slept in hibernation.

After a century, Tora awoke from her slumber when a cataclysm known as the "Great Disaster" occurred. Being the only sole survivor of the old world, Tora wandered the world populated by intelligent animals and at one point met the boy Kamandi. Troubled by this new world of cruelty, suffering, and violence, Tora returned to sleep until roused by a tribe of ursine creatures, who had been worshiping her as a god. The tribe begged her to save them from disease and starvation in which she granted by freezing them in a block of ice. Tora then set out to this changed world, where humanity was making a comeback and began slaughtering intelligent animals, whom they saw them as a threat, especially committed by the Atomic Knights. Tora defended the intelligent animals and waged a one person war against the Knights until peaceful coexistence was established between humans and animals. For her actions, Tora was revered as a god by the animal people in which she doesn't mind at all. When the peace between animal and man ended with another genocidal war, Tora led her animal worshipers into an space ark to leave Earth.

Once the animal people found an idyllic world that suited them, Tora had enough of godhood and went into deep space until settling on the planet Camelot Nine, where she spent her life in peace and solitude on the planet's frozen wasteland.

However, once Fire attacked her home, under orders from Etrigan, she turned to the Justice League 3000 for help. Eventually after a long fight, Tora and Beatriz made up with each other, rekindling their friendship. Tora cut her hair back to its short length like it was when she and Bea had been friends in the past, and they joined up with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, to recreate the Super Buddies.




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