Tormocks are a cruel, sadistic, vicious race ruled by a neo fascist regime responsible for rape and plunder of the universe. They are a malicious and brutal species by nature who've developed a unique form of biotechnology using their uncanny ability to mold and infuse inorganic material with living properties, creating a great many powerful yet horrific devices with which they've used to brutalize the resources of planetary biospheres throughout the cosmos. Being defilers of ways of life by nature, The Tormock empire takes demented pride and glee in the dismantling of other races as much emotionally as they do physically. The Tormock Empire was regularly opposed by their races most hated enemy, The Vuldarians who acted as the universal peace keeping protectorate long before the formation of the Planet Earth or the founding of the GL Cops.

Both species battled across galaxies for centuries with the Tormock killing off more and more of the Vuldarian's by claiming their women then massacring the few remaining males, eventually forcing what remains of their enemy race into a nomadic existence after claiming their homeworld as their own. The Tormock spent a century conquering other worlds while slaughtering whatever was left of their dwindling Vuldarian adversaries. It wasn't until their leading council became aware of a surviving seedling of their long thought vanquished foe, did Tormocks begin sending their spies and vanguards to Earth. First being a Vedrii, a mercenary race of infiltrators who relay information's of designated conquest sites to their employers, then sending their Kraggz, automated assault drones piloted by parasitic aliens who're revered for their devastating assault power. Lastly are the Leechun, an equally reviled parasite species who drain off the bodily fluids of their prey for nourishment.

Powers and Abilities


Tormocks were shapechangers with the ability to infuse biophysical essence into inanimate objects. Physically merging themselves with base matter to create bio-metallic apparatus's such as complex exo-armor or more basic munitions like skein's at will, to simply change their form for disguise purposes. They also have extended longevity, Bronkk and his sister Karine having been thousands of years old while overseeing the eons stretching battle between theirs and the Vuldarian races.[1]


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Average Strength level



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Population: Extinct


Level of Technology:


  • Black Vortexer: Sapient quantum singularities which they can deploy and warp back to base.
  • Land Crawler: Tormok assault tanks, said to have enough firepower to level cities.
  • World Eater: Terreforming device, devouer and repurpose the planetary environment to Tormock design.
  • Shrike Fighters: Adaptive Pseudo organic fighter ships, possessing controlled personal gravity field.
  • Terra Sphere: Mobile living planetoids with a fully automated and weaponized biosphere. Able to control their entire heavenly body right down to their soil and gravitational pull.


  • Bronkk
  • Karine
  • Harkkun
  • B'Ni
  • Terfek

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