Quote1 Humans are a biological joke. Quote2
Tornado Tyrant src

The son of Red Tornado created by the android himself. Created to have one ability his father lacked, emotions. But this add-on was more a curse then a blessing. Tornado Champion grew more distrusting toward mankind, forcing his father to shut him down. Champion had already removed this "fail switch" playing possum he upgraded his body when his father and uncle Batman where gone and dubbed himself Tornado Tyrant. Only content to destroy humanity, his father was forced to utterly destroy him. It was the most logical thing to do. In the end, he realized his son was just like him, unable to understand human emotions, although his father had to check on the small oil leak in his eye later on.


  • Aerokinesis: Tornado Champion, like his father, can create powerful tornadoes which spin at incredible velocities. As Tornado Champion, his tornadoes were red. As Tornado Tyrant, his tornadoes were purple.
    • Flight: Casting a tornado beneath himself he can fly.
    • Air Blasts: He can project his tornadoes outwards in order to cause powerful tornado blasts.



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