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Torquemada is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Before becoming a Green Lantern, Torquemada lived as a master of the magic arts who began his studies following the deaths of his lifemate and children. He used his magical knowledge to combat the Necromancers of the Black Circle, a group of beings who terrorized his sector.[1] Green Lanterns Brik and Percival discovered Torquemada during the second recruitment drive of the reconstructed Green Lantern Corps, and he was taken to Oa as a candidate to join the Corps. He was also one of the curious cases of Green Lanterns included in the Book of Oa even before joining the Corps.[2]

Green Lantern Corps

As a Green Lantern, he has offered to advise any fellow Lantern in need of Magic Consultation, but has yet to be called upon much to his frustration.[1] Torquemada used his knowledge of magic to try and find a cure to Giselle, a woman cursed with a Golden Kiss: anything that touches her lips turns transforms into gold. This prevented her from relating with other people. Unfortunately, It's not known if they ever found the cure to her condition or a way to reverse the effects.[3]

Sensing chaotic magic breaking loose in the universe, Torquemada recruited Alan Scott on a mission to stop the Starheart, who gained consciousness after killing its sentinel. Both Green Lantern opposed the embodiment of the Starheart and attempted to stop it, but they were unable to contain its forces. However, Torquemada managed to capture a portion of its magical energy inside an emerald orb. Still, the consequences were "yet to be seen".[4]





  • His name appears to be a reference to Thomas de Torquemada, a Dominican friar who was the infamous first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition.



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