Samurai is a member of the Super Friends.

Toshio Eto was a professor of history in Japan. One day, the Gods of New Genesis imbued him with superhuman powers in the hopes that they could use him as an instrument in their never-ending battle against Darkseid. Calling himself the Samurai, Toshio had the ability to create a powerful whirlwind that surrounded the lower half of his body, providing him with increased locomotion and speed. He could use this whirlwind to propel himself through the air for directional flight. Toshio used these powers in the service of mankind and later became a member of the Super Friends. At first, his career was spent fighting against Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom, but later he and his colleagues committed themselves to combating Darkseid.


  • Aerokinesis
  • Flight
  • Illusion Casting
  • Invisibility as seen in Episode 2 of season 5 Journey into Blackness, Samurai turned invisible by saying the phrase Tomei ningen.
  • Pyrokinesis as seen in Episode 2 of Season 5 Journey into Blackness, Samurai turned his body into flames by saying the phrase Igo Moen.


  • The Samurai usually relied upon a spoken mantra in order to activate his powers. The most commonly used phrase was "Kaze no Yō ni Hayaku!" ("[go] fast like the wind!")
  • Samurai was voiced by Jack Angel.



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