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The Totality is a collection of Earth's greatest minds, both heroes and villains, dedicated to protecting the world from threats in the wider Omniverse[1] and maintaining the integrity of reality.[2]


The existence of the Totality is a closely guarded secret, only known to a few outside the group. The D.E.O. is aware they exist, but know almost nothing else. All they have been able to determine is that Martian Manhunter is a member of the group.

The Totality attempted to build an early detection system for breaches in the fabric of time and space, meanwhile, on Earth 23 their counterparts did the exact same thing at the exact same moment. This created a dimensional rift which the alternate Totality crossed through. The two teams fought until the Superman of Earth 23 followed them through the rift.

Martian Manhunter asked the alternate team to keep Superman occupied while his team built a dimensional patch to seal the breach, although in reality Mister Terrific had already completed it. J'onn took the opportunity to build camaraderie within his team by claiming that one of them had been replaced during the fight. The others quickly concluded J'onn must be the impostor and attacked him together, as he had planned. With trust established between the members, they sent the alternate heroes and villains back home, agreeing to stay out of each other's way.[3]

The group invited Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern of Earth, to join.[4] He accepted and helped them defeat Extant, who was attempting to manipulate the timeline using the Worlogog.[2] They also investigated the disappearance of many people associated with the Justice Society, including Alan's daughter Jade. Frustrated with the slow pace of the investigation, Green Lantern and his son Obsidian broke off to look for her themselves.[5]


  • Each member chose to join for their own reasons, some not entirely altruistic:
    • Talia al Ghul believes that her son's choice to turn his back on her and join his father is the result of changes to the timeline.
    • Lex Luthor joined to prove he is smarter than Mister Terrific.
    • Mister Terrific joined to ensure a more just Multiverse, and stop Luthor when he inevitably betrays the group.
    • Vandal Savage joined out of boredom.
    • Hawkgirl's reasons are private.

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