Tourne was the son of Bane and Lady Shiva. Years following his father breaking the Bat, Tourne witnessed his father murdered by Bruce Wayne's replacement Jean-Paul Valley, who Tourne would swear vengeance on.

Training with his mother and the League of Assassins, when Tourne was a little older and a plan was put into place, he and his mother laid siege on Gotham City to free Bruce Wayne from capture, restore him to the mantle of Batman, and finally get revenge on Jean-Paul.

Cornering Jean-Paul and his Order of Saint Dumas in the Batcave, Tourne and "Saint Batman" did battle, but the Son of Bane was incapacitated long enough for Jean-Paul to rip off Tourne's arm and drink the Venom that coursed through his veins. Undefeated though, Tourne attacked Saint Batman from behind, stabbing him through the chest, and breaking his back over his knee like his father had done to Wayne thirty years prior.

With Bruce Wayne now back in the mantle of Batman, Tourne and his mother prepared for a new day in Gotham. However, Wayne, having grown bitter from years in isolation, turned on them, killing Tourne and Shiva with their own nanite technology and claiming the day for the new, original Batman.


  • Unique Physiology: Because of his father's extended Venom usage, Tourne was born with naturally generating Venom within his body.
  • Transformation: Tourne can choose to activate the Venom within his body at will, allowing him to alternate between his normal slim figure and a hulking monster.




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