Tracer is a member of the Extremists, who escaped from their world before it was destroyed by nuclear warfare using a portal from a mysterious benefactor. When they first arrived on Prime Earth, they encountered The Justice League of America. After their initial fight, they invaded Kravia, Lord Havok's home country. Tracer then went on a murderous rampage, since they ruled this country, but was confronted by Lobo, who also had a regenerative factor. They both mauled each other in a gory battle and Tracer got the upper hand. Tracer then got one of his blades lodged in Lobo's chest and Lobo contracted and twisted his muscles, which shattered it. He then pounded Tracer's head on the floor, literally flattening his metal skull and crushing his brain. Due to his healing factor, he survived, but was left in a coma.[1]



  • Forearm Blades - Tracer's blades are made from amazonium, an allegedly-unbreakable metal from his universe. This metal is also found in his skeleton, however, Lobo was able to bend the metal in his skull and break a blade.



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