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Traci Thirteen is the daughter and oldest child of Doctor Thirteen.

Her mother was a Homo Magi, giving Traci a gift for the occult, which her father is wary about her using. Traci's mother and younger brothers were killed when Aquaman and the Atlanteans sank Europe in their war against the Amazons. However, having been warned by her mother by a vision, Traci was able to escape with her father via teleportation. Doctor Thirteen became very cold and bitter since that day, Traci believing it because he blamed her for not being able to save the rest of their family. Traci became friends with the fortune teller Madame Xanadu, who helped her harness her powers.

Traci discovered that her father had been working with the organization H.I.V.E. and, while the group took a vote on whether to shoot a laser from space to end the war between the Atlanteans and Amazons, Traci invaded, believing that mass slaughter was not the solution. Traci later retreated, finding her mentor Xanadu dying in her shop, and followed Xanadu's dying request to find the people that her tarot cards spoke of. After teleporting around the world and being unable to convince any of them to join her, Traci decided to chain herself to the battlefield her father chose to be the first target of his laser as a form of protest.

Fending off her father, Traci managed to make Doctor Thirteen understand the error of his ways and, together, they stopped the laser, using all the magic Traci had left. Finding themselves in a cornfield, Traci realized she had lost her powers but was happy she had her father back.




  • Power Loss: Traci will lose a connection to her powers if she becomes too worn-out.[1]