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Quote1.png I tap into the energy of a city and meld it to my needs. Trust me, it's cooler than it sounds. Quote2.png
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Traci 13 is the daughter of a ghost hunter and a witch descended from the Homo Magi race, whose power comes from the energy of cities.[2]

Daughter of a homo magi witch and known skeptic of the supernatural Doctor Thirteen, her mother died and her father would blame it on her magical powers, forbidding her from using it. When he disappeared, she would implore on her magical gifts and established herself in Metropolis as a supernatural "problem-solver". She later reunited with her father, whom was possessed by Heartbreaker demons after her mother's death.

She later established her own witches' society known as the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand, a witch group offering aid to mortal heroes, briefly worked alongside the Night Force, and is an ally to the Justice League Dark.[1]



  • Occultism: Traci 13 has proficient knowledge in the magical arts.[1]


  • Traci 13 is considered one of the most powerful witches on Earth.[1]
  • Traci was Natasha Irons's girlfriend,[2] but they broke up.[7]
  • Traci is a fan of Teen Titans member, Raven.[3]