Tramm was a friend of Aqualad.

At some point in his life, Tramm met a young Atlantean calling himself Aqualad. Aqualad and Tramm agreed to join forces and work together to stop evil. They found an underwater cave on the west coast near Jump City.

When the Teen Titans began their underwater search for a villain named Trident, their ship is shot down and rescued by Aqualad. The hero returned the submarine to his underwater cave.

Without any tools and no way to get to the surface, Cyborg begins to lose hope of rebuilding the ship. Luckily, Tramm is introduced. Tramm shows that he is an expert mechanic and can easily rebuild the Titans broken ship.

While Beast Boy and Aqualad go on an aquatic search for Trident, Tramm and the rest of the Titans continue to work on the ship. Luckily, Tramm finishes in time, and the Titans move out.

In the ocean, Beast Boy and Aqualad are busy battling an army of Tridents. Tramm, in Beast Boy's seat in the sub, assists in stopping the villains by manning the cannon.

Back at Titans Tower, the Titans announce that both Aqualad and Tramm are now considered honorary Titans.[1]





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