Tranquility is a city in the U.S. state of Oregon.


Tranquility is a city in the U.S. state of Oregon.

While attempting to stop Henry Hate's deployment of his devastating Hate Bomb (that killed without destroying property), the Liberty Squad discovered the real reason for Hate's location - he had found the Fountain of Youth. Fury, Cragg, and Astral Man discussed the possibilities of such a thing - it was initially agreed to split the meager drops of precious water between them, giving one to a person they loved, then putting the rest in the Town's water supply. This was the founding of Tranquility.

Astral Man agreed to stay quiet for a day, as a compromise, but Fury knew he would eventually tell the world. Cragg murdered Astral Man in his sleep and set up Cosmos to take the fall. For years, Stipple was considered a traitor and ostracized by the town at large. However, the secret was revealed during the investigation of Mr. Articulate's murder which Fury was arrested and Cragg was killed in combat with Minxy Minerva and Seresa Lindo. The Fountain of Youth was then sealed and destroyed.

However, the destruction of the Fountain brought the wrath of the demonic being known as The Host, in which he was responsible for building three known Fountains of Youth, one of which was built on what later became Tranquility (the two others being in a Turkish town and in Africa in which was only a few kilometers away from where the mystic Salabal was born). The Host pitted the town against the zombified version of Tranquility's deceased population, and confronted his longtime nemesis The Coyote Kid. The crisis was eventually quelled with the self-sacrifice of The Coyote Kid's life.

Following the World's End, Tranquility was apparently (and permanently) spirited away into a safer dimension by Salabal.

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