Trapshot was an enemy of Icon.

Like many of Dakota City's supervillains, Trapshot got his powers from the event known as the Big Bang.[1] In Trapshot's case, he gained the power to cause any object he pointed at to launch high into the air. This inspired him to become a supervillain with a skeet shooting-style motif even though he had no firearms experience.[2] Ignoring this fact, Trapshot donned a garish costume and acquired a powerful handgun to begin his criminal career.

Trapshot desired an infamous reputation in the criminal underworld, which required doing something big.[2] So, he decided to kill Dakota's most popular hero, Icon. Due to his arrogance, it did not occur to Trapshot that his meager abilities would be useless against a superhero who was invulnerable and could fly.[2]

Trapshot then committed several high profile crimes to lure his target to the roof of an office building.[2] His efforts bore fruit when Icon and his partner Rocket arrived on the rooftop. However, Trapshot's plan hit another snag since the Hero of Dakota he faced was not his target. Months earlier, the original Icon returned to his home planet while Rocket retired from crimefighting to raise her infant son.[3][4] Of course, if this news went public, it would embolden various supervillains to try to take over Dakota City. Thus, Rocket chose her friend, Darnice, as her temporary replacement and Buck Wild as the new Icon to conceal the truth.[4]

Not knowing all this, Trapshot boasted about his power to his foes, which he demonstrated by repelling "Icon" high into the air and then opening fire.[2] Ironically, the supervillain's plot could have worked since Buck Wild was more vulnerable to harm than the true Icon. However, Trapshot was so focused on killing Wild that he completely ignored Rocket, who knocked him out with a sucker punch. The two heroes then left the unconscious Trapshot for the police, thus ending his criminal career before it really began.


Telekinesis: Trapshot can telekinetically repel a person or object from himself, launching it dozens of feet into the air. The amount of weight he can repel is unknown. Trapshot must point to a specific target to affect it with his power. His standard method of operation is to repel a foe with his power and then fire upon him or her like a clay pigeon target.[2]


Power Limitation: Trapshot can only repel objects with his power not attract them. [2]


Trapshot wields a powerful handgun of unknown make and origin.[2]

enemy of Icon (Buck Wild)



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