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Travis Clevenger is the Bloodhound, a master tracker working for the FBI. He hunts down rogue metahumans.

Travis had a traumatic event during his childhood. Travis had a lot of love for his cat Annie but his father didn't like the idea of having a cat on a chicken farm. One day, Travis' father finds a few of his prized chickens slaughtered and he immediately blames the cat. Travis' father finds the cat on a tree stump and shoots it. Travis hears the gun shot but his mother stops him from going outside. Travis weeps in his mother's arms until he hears a meow from outside.

Apparently, Travis' father had lousy aim and the cat was barely alive. The cat had dragged itself to the house to find Travis for comfort. Travis couldn't allow his cat to suffer any longer so he grabbed his father's second rifle and ended her suffering. Travis relives the episode repeatedly until he grabs the shotgun from the corrections officer and puts the barrel of the shotgun under his chin. Travis asks his cat Annie to forgive before the entire infirmary rings with a loud gunshot blast.

Originally a cop for the Atlanta Police Department, Travis Clevenger rose through the ranks to become detective due to his innate tracking skills. Travis and his partner Vincent Crosby were involved a drug trafficking scheme with Luis "The King" Salvador. Travis was also involved with Vincent's wife Patricia. Travis had sex with Patricia which led to conception of Patricia's second daughter Michelle. Patricia told Travis that Michelle is his child because she hadn't slept with Vincent for awhile. Travis eventually gave up Vincent to internal affairs because he didn't want to have any part in Salvador's dealings anymore. Vincent attacks Travis but Travis reacts by shooting Vincent in the chest.

Travis is sentenced to Red Clay Penitentiary where he is eventually approached by the FBI for his unique ability to find practically anyone given the right amount of time and evidence. Tasked with hunting down the most dangerous and unruly metahumans, Bloodhound became known even to the newer generation of heroes to be a guiding force to remain on the side of good rather than be his next target.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): While he has no formal training, Clevenger is a vicious, brutal and efficient hand-to-hand fighter. He fights to demolish his opponents, and with his immense strength he can easily maim or kill them.
  • Investigation
  • Tracking

  • DC Comics no longer owns the publishing rights for Bloodhound. The intellectual property rights now belong to Dan Jolley. The publishing rights are currently held by  Dark Horse Comics.[1]


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