Travis Cody is an ally of Animal Man.

They met when Animal Man was having problems with his powers, which caused birds to die whenever he absorbed their ability to fly. Travis was an activist who had tried to warn Animal Man, but ended up accidentally shooting an arrow into Animal Man's son Cliff's side.

Travis was arrested, but later he and Animal reconciled, and began a reluctant partnership using Travis' inventions to test and monitor the morphogenetic field and Animal Man's powers. Travis and Buddy Baker wrangled together a number of unusual animals from whom Buddy could gain new powers, and Travis accompanied him on a number of adventures.

Eventually, Travis was contacted by some shamans who are connected with Animal Man's origins. They told him to try to convince Buddy to go to Upstate New York to prevent the end of the world. Later, the Shamans became impatient with Buddy, and through him, the deaths of every animal in the San Diego Zoo occurred. After that, Travis went on to New York by himself, to meet the Shamans.

The Shaman Stone convinced Travis to get a job while he was in New York, and by coincidence, he was overheard by Buck Samson of S.T.A.R. Labs. Samson hired Travis to work on creating devices for DNA testing, as the need for new technology arose. However, while he was touring the lab, he discovered that Samson had plans to create mutant soldiers from dead undifferentiated tissue.

Travis was captured, and refused to take the job. Samson ordered his associate Kami to seduce Travis into taking the job - and her attempts were successful. Later, Travis hacked into the S.T.A.R. Labs system, and discovered that Samson had designs on using Animal Man's genetic tissue and connection to the morphogenetic field to give himself super powers.

Travis warned Buddy of Samson's plans, and then used a virtual reality device to hack even further into the system. He succeeded in transmitting incriminating data back to S.T.A.R. headquarters, but not before having his consciousness zapped into cyberspace leaving his real body in a coma. One of Samson's goons killed Travis' body, and he was trapped in cyberspace forever.

When Travis tried to shut down Samson's operation from the inside, he was separated into data packets and digitally stored, so that when he would be reconfigured, he would be a blank slate for Samson to control.


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