The Linear Man came from an unknown point in the future to bring Booster Gold back to his own time period in the 25th Century, seeing that he had misused time travel for his own selfish purposes. Arriving in Metropolis in 1991, he went to a storage facility and activated Skeets' "silent scream" function in order to draw Booster Gold to Metropolis so he could capture him. Superman, who saw Booster Gold get shot down by the Linear Man, intervened with the capture, accidentally activating the time-travel controls on Linear Man's wrist which opened up a vortex in space-time that swallowed him and Linear Man up, though Booster Gold was left behind in the present. Appearing back in his own time, Linear Man used his instruments in order to guide Superman through time, causing him to enter the timestream whenever he was exposed to a massive explosion or energy discharge, until he arrived in the late 30th Century where a cataclysmic event with the Earth's moon would cause space-time to be so unstable that it would send Superman home. However, the Legion of Super-Heroes' interference in that event, revolving around the capture of the rogue Daxamite Dev-Em, prevented the moon's destruction from happening. Risking physical injury to himself, the Linear Man traveled to that point in time and sacrificed himself by causing the destruction to happen as history recorded it, sending Superman back home to the 20th Century. Later on, when Superman had met the Linear Men, it was revealed that the Linear Man was a part of that team but went rogue, going after Booster Gold when his place in the 20th Century was essential to the history of the universe, and thus Waverider was chosen to take his place among them.



  • Power Limitation: Repeated use of time travel can be physically damaging to him.



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