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 The Trench are a lost tribe of Atlantis, relegated to living in the depths of the Ocean and evolved accordingly.


When Atlan destroyed Atlantis, it plunged the seven kingdoms of Atlantis into the ocean. The survivors initially believed four of the kingdoms were destroyed, and the other three survived and adapted to their new conditions with 90% of the Atlanteans dying from the event. The Trench were one of the three surviving kingdoms along with the Xebelians and Atlantians.[1]

The Trench adapted to living in a trench near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge[2] and developed an alternate language. They have a King and Queen who differ physically in form from the worker class of Trench.[3]

The Trench follow the wielder of the Dead King's Scepter. The Trench are drawn to the leader of Atlantis and Aquaman believes the scepter doesn't hold mystical control over the Trench, but instead the Trench believe the wielder of this scepter is their leader.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Trench Physiology: Like their sibling species, the Trench adapted to life on the ocean floor much like all the other Atlantean cultures. Hence their monstrous appearance which gives them the visage of vicious angler fish.
  • Toxikinesis: The Trench have the ability to spit a chemical from their mouth that can cause paralysis.[3]
  • Bioluminescence: The Trench possess a natural ability to generate a personal light source from their own bodies.
  • Razor-Sharp Teeth: The teeth of the Trench are powerful enough to bite through flesh and bone. Their king was able to pierce Aquaman's scale armour and dense tissues with his maw.
  • Needle Point Nails: The Trench have incredibly sharp talons capable of cutting and rending tempred steel with ease. Those of the Trench leader were potent enough to rend even Arthur Curry's dense skin.[3]




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