Treska was a princess on her home planet. When the Thanagarians invaded, they executed her father and killed three of her children. Treska was forced into Thanagar's labor force as a maid but was rotated to the planet's downside when she proved unsuitable as a maid. She developed a parasitic infection and wasn't able to produce milk for her newborn child, Kymnie. She sought out care in a clinic sponsored by Katar Hol.[1]

Later, Tros Samoth developed a plan to unite the various gangs of the downside against the Thanagarians. After originally being sent to spy on the gangs, he fell in love with Treska and used her as a symbol of the oppression the downsiders faced.[2] The plan succeeded and the downsiders fended off several attacks by the Thanagarian Wingmen before eventually escaping to Earth with Katar's help.[3] After Earth balked at receiving them as refugees, the group decided to return to their home planets or find a new planet to settle on.[4]



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