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Trevor Barnes was a human rights advocate who briefly dated Wonder Woman.

Trevor was born and raised in Charlotte as the son of Frank and Sylvia Barnes, and twin brother of Vivian. He became a field director for the United Nations Rural Development Organization, and met Wonder Woman through her work with the Wonder Woman foundation. She was smitten by him, though he was hesitant - he felt she was out of his league. After overhearing Diana speak with the spirit of Hippolyta about her vulnerability, he agreed to go on a date with her.

Shortly after, Diana and Trevor were transported to Skartaris, where they fought Villainy, Inc. He led a makeshift army of misfits to stop a mutiny, and appealed to Cyborgirl to stop Trinity from granting control of the pocket dimension to Queen Clea. When they were then time-displaced to 1943, Cyborgirl and Trevor recaptured all the other members of Villainy, Inc.

The experience made Diana and Trevor reconsider their future together. Diana met Trevor's family, which caused some struggles with his twin sister, Vivian. Her son's admiration for Wonder Woman was hard to compete with for a single mother. When Trevor then let accidentally slip that he had overheard Diana and her mother, Wonder Woman was also upset. In the end, they talked things out, and decided to remain friends.

Barnes returned to work, dealing with mysterious droughts in Zambia, India and even Central Park. The shattered god had nested within him, hoping to remake the Earth. At the behest of Gaea, Lady Ala conjured up a spell that would trap the Shattered God within Barnes, should the deity try to become dominant. When it happened, the spell aged him rapidly but succeeded. Zeus, who had previously been imprisoned by the Shattered God, shattered the mad god once again, killing Barnes in the process. He was reborn as a rain that would end droughts.