Trey Thompson was the second Mister America, the grandson of the original.

A short time ago, Trey investigated the murder of a fifteen-year-old girl named Jennifer King. Her body was found dumped in the Mississippi River. Trey captured her killer two days later, but a fire at the F.B.I. crime lab destroyed all evidence linking the killer to the case. As such, they were forced to let him go. Agent Thompson waited for the man outside of a movie theater. When the opportunity arose, he assaulted him, breaking his hand and three ribs. He dragged him back to the field office where the man openly confessed to King's murder. Due to Trey's brutal actions however, the F.B.I. was forced to let him go.

Unwilling to merely fade into obscurity, Trey decided to continue aiding the F.B.I. However, instead of doing so as a field agent, he adopted the masked identity of Mister America. Thompson's former partner, Agent Graves, immediately knew who Mister America truly was, but continued to funnel him information on unsolved cases.

Shortly after beginning his new career, tragedy struck. A hired killer known as Catalyst broke into the Thompson home, and poisoned Trey's wife and two sons. He then sought out Trey's brother and murdered him as well. Mister America tracked Catalyst to Richmond, Virginia where the two engaged in a brutal fight. America beat him to within an inch of his life, but Catalyst refused to give up the name of the individual who hired him. He did however, tell Trey that he was scheduled to meet his contact in Boston.

Mister America traveled to Boston, where he encountered a mysterious attacker. The assailant killed Mister America, then brought his body to New York City, where he pitched it through the skylight of JSA Headquarters.


  • Investigation: As an agent of the F.B.I., Mister America was trained in fields of detection and investigation.


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