A group of three large blue-skinned alien beings with four arms, the Tribunal is a self-appointed judge/jury/executioner group operating freely throughout the galaxy.


It has sentenced to death such beings as Brute, Mope, Superman, and the Cyborg. Superman, sentenced to death because of the crimes of his ancestor Kem-L, became an obsession of the Tribunal Prime (the group's leader). The Tribunal Prime began to break the Tribunal's own laws in order to carry out the sentence on Superman, finally forcing the other two Tribunal judges, Pollux and Ternion, to turn on him. When the Tribunal Prime tried to escape, he was shot down by the guards. Pollux and Ternion lifted the Man of Steel's sentence on the promise that he continue to atone for his ancestor's misdeeds; namely, since Superman has been engaged in an never-ending battle for truth and justice, he is to continue that task.


Equipment: Tribunal Prime made use of an amulet that allows him to change his body with any being, as he did with Cyborg


A similar group called the Tribunes of Gallo, a race alleged to be even older than the Guardians of the Universe, appeared in Green Lantern vol. 2, #80 (October 1970). This organization is devoted to studying the immutable laws of creation, and dedicated to judging and punishing those who violate those laws.

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