Quote1.png He's the worst criminal in Atlantis with an ego to match. Trident claims he's perfect in every way so he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Quote2.png
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Trident was an enemy of Aqualad.

Trident lived in Atlantis where his extreme ego turned him into a criminal. Trident eventually left Atlantis and was pursued by Aqualad.

Trident, one day, attacks a cargo ship carrying radioactive waste. Trident managed to sink the ship and take all of the waste for himself.

When the Teen Titans heard of this attack, they hopped in their T-Sub and went underwater in search of this water-foe. Trident almost immediately sunk their submarine, but the heroes were saved by Aqualad. The Titans teamed up with Aqualad to find Trident. Beast Boy and Aqualad eventually found Trident's underwater base where he had an entire cloning system set up to clone himself. Beast Boy and Aqualad defeated the clones by asking which one was the best. The clones then fought each other and defeated each other. As the other clones began to hatch, Aqualad and Beast Boy blocked the exit so that the clones would never hurt anybody ever again.

Sometime later, the original Trident joined the Brotherhood of Evil. His first mission was for he and Plasmus to attack Aqualad underwater. Trident was successful in attacking Aqualad and he returned the hero to the Brotherhood's base in France.

Later, when all of the Titans besieged to the Brotherhood's base, Trident was defeated and cryogenically frozen like the rest of the villains. He was most likely taken to the police and put under arrest.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Trident showed impressive fighting abilities while fighting both Beast Boy and Aqualad.
  • Mechanical Genius: Trident must have extensive knowledge of gadgetry to be able to build an entire cloning system by himself.
  • Swimming: Due to his Atlantean heritage, Trident is able to swim very fast. Trident even managed to out-swim Aqualad.
  • Athlete: Trident has the strength of a man his age who normally performs intense excercise.


  • Extremely Egoistic: When Beast Boy and Aqualad found Trident's lair with all of his clones, they managed to beat all of them by asking which one of them was the best. The Trident clones then got in a fist fight arguing who was the most perfect perfection.


  • Trident: Trident wields his signature trident that can shoot lasers. It is easily breakable as shown when both Aqualad and Beast Boy break the trident without effort. One of these tridents is held in the Titans Tower evidence museum.[1]



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