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The modern day Trigger Twins were enemies of the Batman Family.


Tad and Tom Trigger were apparently twins separated from birth and grew up to becoming armed robbers. The twins first met each other when they were robbing the same bank. Although shocked and confused at seeing how they look alike, they teamed up together as the Trigger Twins.[1]

The Trigger Twins traveled to Gotham City to make a name for themselves and attempted to rob a mob boss. Instead, the mob boss was impressed by their audacity and hired the Trigger Twins as his enforcers in which they accepted.[1] The Trigger Twins were then tasked in a massive train robbery in Gotham's subway system and coming into conflict and subsequently defeated by the Batman (Jean-Paul Valley).[2]

Batman: No Man's Land

While Gotham was being deemed a 'No Man's Land', Batman recruited Lock-Up and KGBeast to act as the wardens of Blackgate Penitentiary and maintain control of the prisoners. Unbeknownst to Batman, Lock-Up would recruit the Trigger Twin's from the prison to act as his deputies and guardsmen and they would aid the extremist vigilante on turning against Batman after he sent Nightwing to infiltrate the prison complex.[3][4]

The duo would later be hired by the Penguin to act a bodyguards during his ‘strategy meetings’ with members of the Bludhaven mob. They would come into conflict with Robin and Batgirl after the two were investigating the disappearance of Blockbuster’s corpse from the Bludhaven Police Department Coroner. After Robin and Batgirl were apprehended, the Trigger Twin would join in on betting who would win between the two vigilantes after Penguin forces them to fight each other.[5]


  • Dan Doyle, the gangster who first hired the twins named them as "Trigger Twins" after a comic book he read when he was a kid. This is a possible reference to the original Trigger Twins.[6]

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