Quote1 --And Raven showing up amongst the warring nomadic tribes of the Sudan...where she literally terrified them into submission. Quote2
-- President of the United States src

Trigon is the father of Raven and a powerful demon. He is seen when Raven scares away several nomadic tribes in the Sudan, and is mentioned by the alternate Wonder Woman when Diana questions Raven's loyalty. Raven admits that she is Trigon's servant, and not Superman's, and that "all shall bow down before him!"

In Raven's solo ending, he is summoned to Earth after Raven expends a massive amount of demonic energy. He thanks his daughter and proceeds to take over Earth.

During Scorpion's ending, Trigon accuses him of deserting the demon's army. The two clash, and Scorpion emerges victorious. He proceeds to take control over Trigon's army, and Earth in general.




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