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Trigon is an incredibly powerful demon and celestial conqueror. He an enemy to the Teen Titans and the archenemy of his daughter Raven.

Trigon was originally born of celestial blasphemy, spreading viral evil that would corrupt worlds and civilizations into self destruction. In an effort to cleanse his soul of evil, the Three Divine summoned the great Heart of Darkness to feast on his soul. However, Trigon was able to absorb the power of the Heart of Darkness (The collected evils of a hundred galaxies), becoming a supreme power that would destroy countless worlds. He killed his mother and father, the Divine, shredding them of their flesh and wearing their skin. Unable to cross the Divine's barrier, Trigon would summon women from other worlds to mate with them and impregnate them, then send them back, spreading his evil to destroy countless universes.


  • Demonic Physiology: Trigon is very tall, has multiple eyes, horns and red skin. Trigon's body gives off a powerful heat.[1]
    • Dimensional Travel: Trigon can teleport to and from his demonic dimension.[1]
    • Flight[2]
    • Illusion Casting: Trigon is a master manipulator and can create elaborate illusions to fool others.[1]
    • Immortality: As a demon, Trigon does not age like mortals. Trigon has stated that he has existed since the dawn of time, before the big bang. This makes him at least 13.7 billion years old, and he still hasn't aged past his prime.[3]
    • Invulnerability: Trigon is nigh-unaffected by all forms of conventional bodily harm. He was completely unaffected by the punches of Superboy and Wonder Girl, as well as the light constructs of Bunker. Superboy expressed that hitting Trigon felt as effective as trying to destroy a mountain with a teaspoon.[4] However Trigon's skin was pierced by the unique razor sharp glider of Red Robin.[1]
    • Mind Control: Trigon can possess anyone he feels necessary for his plots. He has controlled hundreds of people and the most powerful of champions. During his battle with the Teen Titans he was able to possess a majority of its members.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Trigon can generate and manipulate hellfire. He can project its as fiery blasts, or spew it from his mouth, and erupt it from the floor.[1]
      • Thermal-Blast: Trigon is capable of projecting his hellfire from his mouth, or as powerful blasts from his hands.[2]
    • Superhuman Strength: Trigon can crush buildings and tear apart streets.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Trigon can mentally manipulate the movement of objects. He can even move artificial objects, such as the light constructs of Bunker. He was able to effortlessly fling Superboy and aside with a casual thought,[4] he also did the same to Belial, an incredibly powerful demon in his own rite.[3]
    • Telepathy: Trigon is able to gaze into the minds of mortals. He can learn a person's entire history by reading their mind, as he did with Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. He usually reads his opponents' minds to learn how he can manipulate them.[4]




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