Quote1.png Wasn't a judge or jury in the world that'd convict me -- but I didn't have to answer to a judge or jury... just myself... and that night, Black Lightning died! Quote2.png
Black Lightning src

Trina Shelton was a Metropolis student who attended classes taught by Jefferson Pierce, also known as the superhero Black Lightning.

She was killed by a stray bullet when Black Lightning attempted to stop a mugger on the subway. Trina's boyfriend Hugh Bryant was secretly an alien energy being known as the De-Volver, and he attacked Black Lightning and Superman in his grief at her death. They defeated Bryant and sent him back to his home planet.[1]

Black Lightning is later shown to repeatedly visit Trina's grave, as he feels responsible for her death. Trina's parents Marcia and Sam Shelton also hold Lightning responsible, and they hire New Wave of the terrorist group Masters of Disaster to kill him.[2] They are stunned when they see that Black Lightning was also devastated by Trina's death, and they eventually forgive him. Marcia ends up sacrificing herself to save Black Lightning when Heatstroke tries to finish the execution anyway. In her dying breath she tells Black Lightning to stop blaming himself for Trina's death, as she believes he is a decent man.[3] Despite this, years later her death is still shown to haunt him.[4]



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