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""KPLOW"": Konvikt continues to wreak havoc on the small Massachusetts town, while Graak shouts encouragement from his shoulder. With Green Lantern John Stewart unconscious, the [[Dinah Laurel Lanc

Trinity #3 is an issue of the series Trinity (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2008. It was published on June 18, 2008.

Synopsis for "KPLOW"

Konvikt continues to wreak havoc on the small Massachusetts town, while Graak shouts encouragement from his shoulder. With Green Lantern John Stewart unconscious, the Black Canary leads a Justice League team comprised of Black Lightning, Firestorm, the Flash, Hawkgirl, Red Arrow and Vixen in to combat the alien.

While the Flash utilizes his speed to rescue people, Firestorm constructs a titanium steel band around Konvikt's wrists. Unfortunately, when he smashes his clasped hands into the ground the concussion causes both Firestorm and Red Arrow behind him to go flying, the latter of whom had been attempting to find out exactly who Graak is--Konvikt's "official mediary and speaker-advocate". Graak continues to boast about Konvikt's pending ruling of the world, which Konvikt doesn't agree with. After a conversation, mostly silent on Konvikt's side, Graak yells to the assembled that Konvikt was attacked first, and honor demands he destroy his attackers until he's left in peace.

Black Lightning blasts the creature from behind, only to have his attack thrown back at him. When Red Arrow shoots him from the top of a building, Konvikt shrugs off the arrows and leaps at him, knocking down part of the building as he jumps over it, putting him on the outskirts of town. Firestorm and Vixen's attempt to flank the beast but are blindsided by thrown rubble. A now free Flash runs in, circling Konvikt and Graak and throwing punches, but a stomp from Konvikt sends him flying. Hawkgirl and Black Canary do their best to slow the creature down, and just as Black Canary acknowledges that they could use some help Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman arrive, much to her relief and both aliens confusion.

In Castle Branek, Morgaine le Fey and Enigma observe the proceedings, with le Fey commenting how interesting it is that team leader Black Canary and "pugnacious, willful" Hawkgirl immediately defer to the Trinity when they arrive, though Enigma is not shocked, since he thinks it's their nature to be dominating. Le Fey further observes that Wonder Woman and Batman defer to Superman, having left Konvikt to him while they tend to others. When Enigma defends the decision as a sound one tactically, she accuses him of sticking up for his "beloved Batman". As they discuss it, Superman and Konvikt begin their fight, with Superman coming close in answer to a challenge and being knocked to the ground from one punch.

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Synopsis for "Earth to Rita"

Seated in a Mar Vista, Los Angeles cafe, Marguerita Arroyo Covas gives herself a reading with her tarot deck. The reading comes out a little odd, saying she's to become a leader and part of a team. Even more distressing for her, just recently she felt such a strong connection to the cards, and now she doesn't. As she wraps up her reading--and is told that one of her customers took the advice of her reading and visited a doctor--she notices a Daily Planet headline about a gang bank heist, which causes her to leave the diner shocked. Outside, where she bumps into people she's helped with readings, she wonders if it's the same gang. She stops to speak to her friend José, asking him if he knows anything about the Mar Vista Guerreros gang. According to him they're small, but growing, and she deflects his questions about whether she's involved with them by running off to get ready for the lunch crowd at Tito's.

While she's set up at a portable table and doing a reading for a man a van pulls up. A number of men in camouflage vests get out of it praising her for the work she did with their last reading. As the leader, Frito, describes using her advice against security guards, Marguerita gets angry that it was them in the paper and sternly tells them to leave, saying she's not doing readings for them anymore. Frito rudely shoos her client away then tells Marguerita that they're going to hijack a heroin shipment, with her help. She considers giving a fake reading for a moment, then gives a flat no, which upsets Frito who grabs at her. When she runs and they give chase, José, who had been watching from across the street, does the same.

Marguerita runs into an alley regretting that she ever read for the MVG, but remembering that everything felt so strong and she saw things so clear that she wanted to read for anyone. She wonders if her personal reading from earlier in the day is a sign that she's meant to join, or even lead, the MVG, which she decides is wrong. While she climbs a fence to get away Frito catches her backpack and tosses her into the collected garbage. All of this had been watched from above by a creature, which chooses those moment to yell out "She is not for you" and "She is for the three who are to rise." Screams come from behind her, and when she looks up José is standing there amidst the bloodied remains of the MVG crew, asking her what happened. She tells him about hearing an animal and repeats what it spoke, but has no answers.

He insists they report it to the police, who laugh it off. José also looks around for any gangs named "Three who are to rise", but comes up empty. As they separate José tells Marguerita that he has experience with "weird things" and to call him if anything happens. Back at her apartment, she toys with her cards, considering giving herself a reading, but thinking about the confusing nature of the cards recently and the monster in the alley, she decides that for the first time in her life, she doesn't want to know.

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  • Mar Vista Guerreros
    • Frito

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  • Esme
  • "Creature"



  • Tarot deck



  • Though it's not specifically stated here, José is José Delgado, also known as "the Gangbuster".


  • The title of the first story is the sound effect of the punch Konvikt knocks Superman down with, the second is spoken by Jose to get the attention of a distracted Marguerita.
  • Marguerita listens to Paramore.
  • The Daily Planet featured in the second story also has a story about Nightwing foiling a museum robbery.

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