""Caped Simioid Thinks So, Hm?"": With Superman unconscious, Wonder Woman attacks the alien Konvikt, trying to take him down. Superman comes to and takes hold of Konvikt and his partner Graak

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Marguerita Covas

Trinity #4 is an issue of the series Trinity (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2008.

Appearing in "Caped Simioid Thinks So, Hm?"

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  • Konvikt's ship

Synopsis for "Caped Simioid Thinks So, Hm?"

With Superman unconscious, Wonder Woman attacks the alien Konvikt, trying to take him down. Superman comes to and takes hold of Konvikt and his partner Graak, flying them high into the air, giving the other heroes a chance care of the citizenry while he attempts to speak to the marauding alien which does not have the ability to fly. Graak, however, proves that they are not as helpless as Superman believed they'd be, hitting him with an energy bolt and sending the aliens falling to the ground while Firestorm, Vixen, and John Stewart arrive to back up Superman.

On the ground, Black Canary directs the rest of the Justice League in securing the town, while, separately, Batman scares a small family into leaving their unsafe hiding place. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman starts save people from a building, but since she can't do it fast enough has to convince them to save themselves by walking across a beam. The building begins to collapse as the last people are getting out, but Superman flies in and holds it up long enough to allow their escape.

In Castle Branek, Morgaine le Fey is watching the happenings in Massachusetts, with Enigma asking her if she's enjoying herself. She tells him that her "agents are in place", then comments on the symbolic nature of the Trinity; saying Superman is a Savior, Wonder Woman inspires others to achieve, and Batman scares the hell out of people. Enigma tells her to keep watching, confident she'll find more to Batman than that, to which she mocks his "adoration" of Batman again. When she notes that he's just a man in a costume, Enigma says there's more kinds of strength than "raw power" and asks where she thinks Batman is and what he's up to while the others are battling Konvikt and getting nowhere.

In town, Konvikt is making short work of League members until both Superman and Wonder Woman fly directly into him. He throws them off of him, the yellow hair on his shoulders, arms, and head turning to armor as he follows them to the nearby hills to continue the fight. While Wonder Woman recovers, and warns Superman about the armor, an arm reaches out from the bushes behind her and places a red sphere against her shoulder, burning a symbol into it. While she's distracted Konvikt leaps at her, only to have Superman yank him back by the armor on his head. Wonder Woman tells Superman she's can continue the fight, and he tells her that's good because they need to give Batman more time.

Watching, Le Fey wonders aloud what they're buying time for since he's not even there, to which Enigma says that if it was him, he'd be following the aliens backtrail, seeking information.

Outside of Thayer's Notch, Batman locates and enters Konvikt's ship. Radioing back to Superman, he reports it to be an multi-species escape pod with suspended animation capabilities. As he readies to look around more, Graak readies an energy bolt from behind him.

Appearing in "World-Something..."

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  • Tarot deck

Synopsis for "World-Something..."

Marguerita Covas breaks and does a tarot reading on herself. While she deals the cards, she reflects on how powerful her readings for others have been recently and the "cosmic" importance of her self readings. She performs a Revelation Spread to tell her about her current problem, turning up Queen of Pentacles, the World, and Death, which she believes means she is in contact with and in control of some "power" and wonders if she's supposed to use it to end the world. Touching the cards, her eyes turn black while a purple smoke envelops her. She says "worldsoul" out loud, and can feel "stuff" from around the world; a tremor from in Pakistan, a storm over the Pacific, and people's emotions. Thinking for a moment that she became the universe, she lays down to sleep, trying to remember the word she said but being unable to.

She dreams about Despero leading an army on a bloody assault on a planet. He meets Kanjar Ro on a set of steps, who offers to sell him the planet, but a battle ensues when Despero declines any negotiation at all. After Kanjar retreats, Despero questions soldier after soldier on the operation of the planet's Interspatial Gateway, killing those who will not tell him, while Kanjarr wonders why he'd want it in the first place.

Talking in her sleep, Covas answers that even he doesn't know. He dreamed it and is simply compelled to seek it.

When a soldier finally tells Despero where the Archway's instructions are, he activates it and prepares to step through it, but something from behind him stops him before he does.

Covas is woken by a ringing phone, Jose on the other end, telling her that he's still been unable to find anything on the "Three Who Shall Rise" but the Mar Vista Guerreros were actually paying dues to a bigger gang; the Culver Boulevard '68. While he's talking, Marguerita does a reading on Jose revealing him to be her "knight in shining armor," though worried that he won't be able to go back on a choice he's making.

Elsewhere, members of the Culver Boulevard '68 meet to discuss the loss of the M.V.G. due to someone protecting Covas. They instruct three men in costume--Throttle, Blindside, and Whiteout--to find out who went to such great lengths to protect her, and why, making sure they investigate in a subtle manor.


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  • The title line is spoken by Graak in the first story and Marguerita Covas in the second.

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