""Great. Now he's Holding his Breath."": Outside of Thayer's Notch, Massachusetts, Superman feels like he's getting a second wind in his battle against Konvikt when Batman calls him to the alien's ship. He's reluctant

Quote1 I'm from Metropolis, so I've seen my share of strange things, but headless super-tool pretty much tops them all! Quote2

Trinity #5 is an issue of the series Trinity (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2008.

Appearing in "Great. Now he's Holding his Breath."

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  • Konvikt's Escape Pod
  • D.E.O. transports

Synopsis for "Great. Now he's Holding his Breath."

Outside of Thayer's Notch, Massachusetts, Superman feels like he's getting a second wind in his battle against Konvikt when Batman calls him to the alien's ship. He's reluctant, but Wonder Woman insists he go and she will hold Konvikt.

When Superman arrives at the pod, Batman has Graak bound with Batarangs and is interrogating him. Graak says that he won't betray Konvikt by speaking about "Jandrum's death" the "girl" or what "she said" other than they were "all lies". Batman threatens to turn the small creature over to Superman, who's power he's seen, if he doesn't give him information on the pod life-support systems and Graak admits he doesn't have any of that information to give because it's all automatic. Superman scans the ship with his super vision and finds that the ships sensors haven't been reset since the crash.

In Castle Branek, Morgaine le Fey admires Batman's ruthless streak and admits that he "has his uses" while watching the two heroes assemble a device from the ships parts. Enigma says that once again she's "[overvaluing] fancy powers" when she begins to question how effective he would be without Superman to back him up.

Wonder Woman is doing her best to handle Konvikt when Superman reenters the area with the device telling her to move away. He blasts Konvikt with a gas and the creature holds his breath, forcing Wonder Woman to punch him in the stomach to make it open it's mouth again. Made to breath, the gas takes effect and Konvikt passes out--his armor turning back into hair. Before they can collect the alien and head back in to town, Batman arrives with the beast that burned a symbol into Wonder Woman's back during the fighting, shocking a watching Morgaine and causing Enigma to laugh. Superman questions the beast's actions, but he refuses to answer. Calling Superman "Paladin" he says the group of heroes are the "Trinity" and are weakened and breaking soon. He then bursts into flame.

Back in Thayer's Notch, John Stewart wraps the unconscious Konvikt up with his ring for members of the D.E.O. so they can deliver them to the Slab. In doing so he mentions that he has scanned "off the charts".

In Mar Vista, California, Marguerita Covas is giving herself a tarot reading and again the cards come up Devil, Strength, and Justice before turning into images of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

Appearing in "Knight in Shiny Armor"

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Synopsis for "Knight in Shiny Armor"

Fearing for her life, Marguerita Covas's friend José has her holed up in a community center. Unfortunately, she has grown bored and is doing tarot reading after tarot reading on him since she can't get outside to perform readings on her clients. After most recent reading on José--in which she tells him to face his bright future--she explains a little bit about Tarot to him while he makes jokes and cleans his equipment.

She finally convinces him to let her leave the community center and he stands guard at the Tick-Tock Diner while she performs a reading for a woman. The reading doesn't go well, however, when Covas turns over the Emperor, Magician, and Hgh Priestess, identifies them as the Trinity, and realizes these cards aren't for her.

Seated in her booth she feels a force outside before the window explodes and Whiteout, Blindside and Throttle enter demanding her. Looking at them she can somehow recognize them and relate them to minor arcana. Almost immediately a baton flies in to Blindeside's head and José, back in costume announces himself as returning to his "Gangbuster" name. He tasers Throttle, but Whiteout breaks the line, so he focuses his attention on him, accidentally making Whiteout "erase" Throttle's head in the process. Still conscious, Throttle grabs Gangbuster and speeds up his heart until he can get the taser onto his leg.

Outside the cafe, Blindside has taken hold of Covas and warns the approaching Gangbuster off. He flashes the area to blind the hero, but Gangbuster takes a shot anyway, hitting him directly in the chest and freeing Covas, even though he can't see. After she confirms that he's down, Covas and Gangbuster run down an alley with Gangbuster promising to keep Covas safe, neither one of them aware that they are being watched beasts from the top of a building.


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  • The title line is spoken by Superman in the first story and Blindside in the second.

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