""A Third Symbol Now..."": Floating in space Superman scans for traces of the pocket solar system he threw away from Metropolis while continuing to think about trinities and how they relate to himself, Wonder Woman and [[Bruce Wayne

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Synopsis for "A Third Symbol Now..."

Floating in space Superman scans for traces of the pocket solar system he threw away from Metropolis[1] while continuing to think about trinities and how they relate to himself, Wonder Woman and Batman. His scans find nothing, which jibe with Batman and Wonder Woman's experiences both fading away, and changing the scan type he locates, also similarly, traces of "primal", "universe creation" energies. Returning to the Hall of Justice he asks Green Lantern John Stewart to scan the "Cosmic Egg," which he does and finds that it's within normal parameters and Krona has not escaped. Firestorm listens in, confused about both Krona and the Cosmic Egg.

Elsewhere in the Hall, Batman is scanning the Justice League's files for werewolves in hopes of finding the beast they recently clashed with outside of Thayer's Notch with no luck. In the same room, Hawkgirl is helping Wonder Woman search through more images to identify the shapeshifting brand on her back, which has changed yet again. Hawkgirl feels it is somewhat Egyptian and believes Hawkman would know. Just as Superman suggests contacting him the Red Tornado announces that he has just had a request to open a door to the Hall for Hawkman and a guest.

Trinity 7 items

Hawkman displays the items recently stolen by Gotham criminals.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman welcome Hawkman and Gangbuster to the Hall, with Superman extending his regrets that Gangbuster has had to come out of retirement, asking how they can be of service.Gangbusters fills them in on his recent past with Marguerita "Tarot" Covas and his sudden belief that her readings are "real". Hawkman then asks for use of the JLA computer to display recently stolen items from a rash of global museum robberies--all by Gotham City based criminals--and all involving the four suits of the Tarot, many of occult heritage. Batman cuts him off to call to Nightwing, in the middle of a fight with henchmen of Mr. Freeze, to ask him about recent robberies involving Gotham villains. Learning of some, he orders Nightwing to contact Oracle, the Titans, and mobilize the Outsiders to find out who is behind the robberies as a priority.

As Batman gives Hawkman further orders to go to great lengths to find Covas, which he resents, Vixen cuts them off to ask why it's suddenly such a priority. Wonder Woman tells her, and the rest of the room, what she's just realized: the mark on her back are ancient Egyptian Tarot, linking everything to something "very, very, big."

On Krechin, the largest moon of Itatoq, Despero stands and stares quizzically at his most recent acquisition, which he fought a war to win, and is unsure what to do with. While he considers what it is and how he may be able to profit from it, Morgaine le Fey and Enigma appear behind him, the former threatening to destroy Desparo's soldiers and the later more calmly telling them to drop their weapons--unless Despero does not wish to become a "lord of creation".

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Synopsis for "Away From Creation"

Firestorm searches for Green Lantern John Stewart in the Hall of Justice finding him in the "kitchen" fighting numerous holographic Qwardian Thunderers--with the safety protocols bypassed. He shuts down the program, then explains to that he was trying to recreate the "odd power manifestation" he experienced in his battle with Konvikt[2] via excessive stress, but believes it didn't work because he knew himself not to be in any true danger. That explained, Firestorm asks about Krona, whom he looked up after hearing Stewart and Superman discuss him but didn't see why he would come to their minds.

To explain, Stewart takes Firestorm into the Oan archives and allows him to experience Krona being tried on Maltus by the Guardians of the Universe for seeking the forbidden knowledge of the origins of the universe. After responding that he "doesn't care" and will never stop searching for the truth Krona is found guilty and, as he is immortal, banished for all eternity as disembodied energy forced to circle the universe endlessly. As he does so Firestorm feels his anger, boredom, and exhaustion while he watches millions of civilizations grow, evolve, and fall, always progressing and never being allowed his goal, to witness the "birth" of the universe. Firestorm also feels Krona's various escapes; including the first one foiled by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and the time he attempted to merge the DC and Marvel Earths.[3]

As they reach the end of the archive account, Krona's defeat by "the League and others", Firestorm and John Stewart both suffer great pain and Krona screams, from the Cosmic Egg, "Let me out!!" Once again, Stewart loses control of his powers and speaks in binary, with blades appearing from his uniform. When they recover a confused Stewart checks his back and the blades are gone, then explains to Firestorm that Krona is trapped in "N-Space" in the Cosmic Egg with the idea being it'll hatch into a universe, he'll see it born, and be satisfied.

Firestorm calls it up on the monitors, and leaves it up when they go. A closer look reveals that the monitors watching the Egg are actually broken.


  • Members of Marvel's Avenger's team, most obviously Captain America, can be seen in shadow on page 19.


  • The title line is spoken by Superman in the first story and Firestorm in the second.


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