""Have You Tied Him Up Yet?"": In the ancient Science-City of the moon Krechin, Morgaine le Fey is decimating Despero's soldiers while he and Enigma watch and discuss the previously mentioned off

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Trinity #8 is an issue of the series Trinity (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2008.

Appearing in "Have You Tied Him Up Yet?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Autumn
  • Martine
  • Sara



Synopsis for "Have You Tied Him Up Yet?"

In the ancient Science-City of the moon Krechin, Morgaine le Fey is decimating Despero's soldiers while he and Enigma watch and discuss the previously mentioned offer to make him a "lord of creation". They explain to him their need of a "powerful alien" to complete their version of the "trinity," and when he asks why him as opposed to others le Fey talks about their shared dreams. Despero, however, thinks they're after the Cosmic Egg which he is in possession of then tells them that he is not auditioning for them, but they for him.

On Earth, Bruce Wayne is having a fundraising party for a Junior Senator, but spending the bulk of his time in the Batcave researching the recent string of robberies by Gotham City criminals. Eventually Alfred Pennyworth reminds Wayne that he has to at least put in an appearance at the party, so he leaves the research to Oracle.

In Rabat, Morocco, Superman finishes a battle with Firebug and a giant robot and, with no alternative, throws it into orbit to be taken care of later. While signing autographs for the locals he hears the heartbeat of some go up, understandably, but the scared still feels "wrong" to him, like things should be different. He catches up with Lois Lane and shows her a "Techno-Beacon" for a warpgate which the robot was trying to recover. She tells him about similar disappearances and they decide to check them out.

Etta Candy and Diana of Themyscira walk through a mall "dishing" about Diana's relationship with Tom Tresser and the private lives of superheroes in general prompting Diana to ask what people think about Batman and Superman. Etta says that people view Superman as a cool, protective big brother while Batman is scary but people are glad he exists. About Wonder Woman, Etta says she's a "warrior, not a buddy" and since she's here to change the world, some people may not take that easily. To herself Wonder Woman decides that that is how people see them, but something feels off, like something is going on.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne makes his appearance, flirting with a number of women when three of Morgain le Fey's Howlers leap out of the woods screaming that the "dark one" must fall wielding a brand with another mark.

Appearing in "Dreams of Power"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Hemi Kiwara
  • Primat
  • Michael Cannefick

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Dreams of Power"

In a tattoo shop, a man named Hemi Kiwari tattoos his own arm while chanting Tama-nui-te-rā, the Maori name of the sun, "riding the pain". Primat, an ape, reads a romance novel in Gorilla City and daydreams of another place. And in a prison, heroin addict Michael Cannefick begins his withdrawals but remembers the times being high.

Despero, Enigma, and Morgaine le Fey have gathered at Castle Branek to begin their work "reordering" the Multiverse. Le Fey explains that The multiverse's keystone is their universe, the universes keystone is the planet Earth, and Earth's keystone is the Trinity--or they can be made to serve that role. When Despero notes that he has beaten all three of them separately, le Fey says it's not about "brute force" but metaphysics and usurping their power with the power of the Cosmic Egg.

After Despero attempts to get a larger piece of the power, le Fey shows him to a chamber where Tarot is spellbound after being brought in by Howlers. She tells him that Tarot is a conduit to the Worldsoul, but doesn't know the extent of her powers, and believes she's giving readings to people from her neighborhood, allowing them to extract information. A minion relates information from Tarot to le Fey about entwining the Trinity in spells. Enigma decides it makes sense as soon as he hears it, but Despero is disbelieving in the Worldsoul and demands an explanation. Before he can get one, Enigma interrupts with the news that they're ready with the Cosmic Egg. He tells Despero that until now they've been using operatives he's "familiar with" on the tarot robberies, but now they'll need to use their own and, with his cane, releases cosmic energies to seek out "lost and troubled minds ensconced in dreams of power" to create foot soldiers.

Bolts of cosmic energy find Hemi Kiwara, Primat, Michael Cannefick, and make them disappear. A fourth bolt hits in a cemetery.

Despero wonders about the dreams, asking what stops the others from dreaming from dreaming about them. Enigma tells him not to worry, they're having some kind of dreams at the very least, but they've taken "extreme measures" to distract them. Le Fey asks how he could could do that, which he dismisses in favor of the more important matter of the Cosmic Egg and their soldiers, one of whom is dropping from the egg as they speak, whispering "Tama-nui-te-rā"...


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