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"Three Million Days": Nearly 8,000 years BCE, there lived a tribe of people in Macedonia, and a young boy lay dying of a fever. This boy was brother to a girl named Pandora, who entered the forest in search of the medicinal myrtus berries, though her mother took care to

Quote1 That was the day I destroyed the world. Quote2

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2013. It was published on June 3, 2013.

Synopsis for "Three Million Days"

Nearly 8,000 years BCE, there lived a tribe of people in Macedonia, and a young boy lay dying of a fever. This boy was brother to a girl named Pandora, who entered the forest in search of the medicinal myrtus berries, though her mother took care to warn her not to leave sight of the smoke of the village's huts, knowing her propensity for exploration - a symptom of boundless curiosity.

In the forest, the girl found found a mysterious skull made of gold. When she looked into its glowing eyes, the skull unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins, and she fell into unconsciousness. By the time she woke, and stumbled back to her village, it had been ravaged by the demons she freed; her family and friends butchered. What's worse, these demons considered her their mother.

Not long after witnessing the consequences of her discovery, she was pulled away to the Rock of Eternity to face a tribunal of wizards. They looked on her tears of loss as a pitiful act of deception, and condemned her as the other two who faced judgment beside her as the Trinity of Sin. Despite this, Pandora could not comprehend what she had done. She was branded by scars, burning without relief, and she was cursed to wander the world of sin, eternally undead, witnessing the ruin she had brought forth, and to feel it with the whole of her being. Her breath caught in her throat. She never needed to breathe again.

The wizards returned her to her own place and time, and all she could think to do was bury her people in the ground and grieve for them. She then began to walk the earth, witnessing the results of a world gone cruel with sin. Wrath brought hate and vengeance, causing unending wars. Envy curdled prosperity with poisoned promises in the ears of the weak. Greed drove the value of goods up, while kindness dwindled in answer. Angrily, she had tried to stop them, but she could not touch them. Though she had brought them into the world, their powers were beyond her. Though she could not stop them, Pandora saved all that she could from the sins' corruption. She could feel their corruption's spread, though, and knew that for each she saved, multitudes would fall.

After some time, she was visited by the spirit of Pride, who urged her to give up her resistance. The sins, she said, were grateful for Pandora's part in bringing them to the world, and would gladly crown her their queen, if she would just join them. Angrily, Pandora had sworn she would send them back to hell if she had the power to do so. She further swore that one day, she would find that power. Even so, Pride knew that this vow was a hopeless one.

For eight thousand years she walked the world, though she never gave up hope. Though she realized that she could never teach mortals to resist the temptation of sin, she hoped that she could learn for herself. She learned of the magic of nature with the druids of Antrim; the binding of spirits with the wizards of Jerusalem; and the magick arts of the Nepalese healers. All the while, the people of the world fell further to the corruption of sin.

During the time of the Crusades, she attempted once more to appeal to the knights who had declared war in the name of god, intending to reclaim the holy land for Christians. There, she was attacked by Vandal Savage, who saw her as a witch; an immortal like him. He had recognized her from his own long life spanning centuries. He, though, delighted in blood and death. Pandora could see it in him, and knew she was nothing like him.

She returned to her studies, learning to master her pain; to defy the limits of the physical world; to move faster than thought and vanish from sight; to strike cross the boundaries between the real world and the spirit world. Finally, by the year 2013, she had gathered a group of allies and armed herself to finally fulfill her vow and kill the demons she brought to the world.

Now, just as she is about to confront Wrath, Pandora feels herself pulled away to another place. One of the wizards from the council appears to her, admitting that he had to give up the remains of his power to bring her there. He admits that he and the others had been wrong to condemn her. While the two others who had become part of the Trinity of Sin deserved their punishment, she had merely been curious. Despite her incredulous response, he goes on to tell of how the council had failed in trying to imprison the sins, and it had destroyed them. He has however, learned that the box is the key. She must access the power within, because only the strongest heart - or the darkest heart - can access the great power inside it. With that revelation, a great lightning bolt strikes from the heavens, and he is gone.

Resigned, Pandora steels herself to use the box that brought the sins to this world to rid it of them. Knowing that she may not have the strongest heart in this world, she has become aware of a new kind of mortal, and if she can't open the box herself, they may be able to.

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