"One In Ten Billion": With Agent Kincaid's gun to her head, Pandora is horrified at hearing Vandal Savage snap the neck of the man she loves. Marcus Severin is dead.

Quote1.png Another useless creature. Fifty thousand years of boredom! They're all the same! A parade of worthless lives scrolls endlessly before me! Quote2.png
Vandal Savage

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #12 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2014. It was published on June 18, 2014.

Synopsis for "One In Ten Billion"

With Agent Kincaid's gun to her head, Pandora is horrified at hearing Vandal Savage snap the neck of the man she loves. Marcus Severin is dead.

Kincaid is taken aback by how much compassion Pandora shows in trying to save Marcus' life, but it is no use, and Vandal Savage mocks her efforts, claiming she deserved it for her transgressions against him. Angrily, Pandora dons the armour of hope and light and attacks him, unwilling to hear any more from him. He can sense her injury, though, and feels assured of his victory. That is, until he is hit by the same gun that wounded Pandora, courtesy of Agent Kincaid and S.H.A.D.E.

Angrily, he attacks Kincaid, allowing Pandora to fire her pistols at his back. Still, the bullets have no effect, and she watches him break Kincaid's wings and throw her from the roof. Rallying, Pandora body-checks him over the edge as well, and all three of them collide with the pavement. Knowing that she is too injured to fight much more, Pandora tries to appeal to Vandal, who is already clambering to his feet. She explains that the only thing she ever did to him was to plant the seed of a conscience in him. Surely that couldn't be all it takes to hate her so much. Savage responds that that is exactly why he hates her. The world is his by right, and the actions she calls crimes are what he calls rights. He stomps on her back as she crawls away from him.

Kincaid, meanwhile, allows her wounds to repair themselves, watching as Vandal prepares to kill Pandora, and wondering whether she should just watch. As he prepares to snap her spine, Pandora utters a spell that blinds him with light. In her vulnerable state, Kincaid warns Pandora that she still intends to kill her - not simply let Vandal Savage do it. Pandora accepts this, but warns that Kincaid had better kill Savage too - or many more will die. Angrily, Vandal shouts that he can hear them conspiring.

Suddenly, a much louder shout signals the arrival of Giganta, who slams Vandal beneath her massive fist, and then flings him miles away. Turning to Kincaid, she warns the agent to holster her weapon or meet the same fate. She insists that Kincaid reverse whatever injury she did to Pandora, because she has business with her.

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